Podcast Update

I didn’t post last week as I was knocked out by Covid and had to isolate, but things rolled on with the publication of Chapter 6 of The Gigantomachy Of Antonios Costas. I’m much better now, so can get back to normal.

Things are rolling on nicely with the SFF Chronicles podcast. We’ve enlisted the support of a couple of extra contributors, and will be recording the meat of our first episode in the coming week, which is very exciting.

Chris and I have been busy booking guests for the first few episodes of the show, and have now seven guests signed on, which is a great start, with another one or two expected to come back to me soon. They represent a mixture of people from the Chrons community and outside it, which is exactly what we wanted to do. We’re also working hard to create the wider details such as branding, music, and some extra features to the podcast.

The aim of the podcast will be to cater for both readers and writers; each episode we’ll focus on a particular book / text, and try to dig down into the meaning of it, but also attempt to understand what makes it great from a writer’s perspective, and hopefully identify some tools, tricks and ideas for the writers out there working in the fields of SFFH.

Published by Dan Jones

I'm a science fiction writer and podcaster. My debut novel Man O’War was published in 2018 by Snowbooks, and I’ve had a few short stories published here and there. I also host Chronscast, the official podcast of SFF Chronicles, the world's largest science-fiction and fantasy community. Away from writing I work for the UK Space Agency on a programme of space robotics for advanced satellite and planetary exploration technologies. All of which comes in rather handy when coming up with new ideas for science fiction stories.

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