Chronscast Episode 8 – Inish Carraig with Naomi Foyle!

Joining us this month is poet and novelist Naomi Foyle
Jo Zebedee’s alien invasion-cum-prison break thriller Inish Carraig

Episode 16 – Excalibur with Bryan Wigmore Chronscast

Merlin's Beard! What better topic to talk about as we enter the springtime and the regeneration of the land than Excalibur and the legend of Arthur, King of the Britons, who is prophesied to restore the land to verdance and glory and who knows much about the average velocity of unladen swallows. But we'll not be focusing on that particular cinematic incarnation of the once and future king. We'll be talking about the operatic 1981 John Boorman film Excalibur, which boldly attempts to condense a significant amount of Thomas Malory's 15th century manuscript, Le Morte d'Arthur, into two and-a-half hours of dreamlike cinema.Joining us to talk through this is the fantasy author Bryan Wigmore, best known for his ongoing fantasy series The Fire Stealers, comprising The Goddess Project (2017), The Empyreus Proof (2018), and the forthcoming third instalment, The Mandala Praxis. With Bryan we discuss Arthur's connection to the land, what the Holy Grail represents, why it appears in the story when it does, and the mysterious figure of the Fisher King. We discuss the explicitly Christian imagery, the use of opera music in the score, the preponderance of Irish accents in a story about the King of the Britons (clue: it was filmed in County Wicklow); the scalable aspect of the Arthurian story, Merlin's pratfalls, and Brian Blessed's head.We also talk about Bryan's own work and its foundation upon such ancient myths as these; his use of the land and the environment, the question of timing a publication to retain its topicality, and the bones of myth. We also talk about his forthcoming YA fantasy series called Earthwyrms, which leans heavily upon the Arthurian mythos, and we pester him for an update on when The Mandala Praxis will be ready.Elsewhere, The Judge throws down her own gauntlet and challenges us to trial by combat, and how that strange aspect of the ancient judiciary came to be, and how the trial by combat we see in such films as Excalibur might work in reality.We also hear Paranoid Marvin's victorious 75-word challenge entry from February, and The Judge's winning entry to the January 300-word writing challenge. Finally, a certain King Of The Britons is perturbed and discombobulated when he is approached by the Lieutenant Bungalow of the Martian space force for a rare interview.
  1. Episode 16 – Excalibur with Bryan Wigmore
  2. Introducing Peat Long
  3. Sandman with Tade Thompson
  4. John Carpenter's The Thing with Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey
  5. Ghost Stories For Christmas with Alison Littlewood

This month we’re joined by the award-winning British-Canadian author, poet and essayist Naomi Foyle, to talk about Inish Carraig, the alien-invasion-cum-prison break thriller by one of the friends of Chronscast, Jo Zebedee.

Among the topics we cover is the quintessential “Norn Irishness” of the book, conveyed without ever lapsing into cliches about the Troubles, but yet acknowledging the unique history and culture of the place in a subtle and different manner. We also talk about the physiology of alien species, robots, the gothic setting, and the different identities and representations the book plays with.

Elsewhere we also discuss the possibilities and processes that enable writers to access Arts Council funding (England only) to further their writing careers. Specifically we talk about adapting one’s own work for other media; Naomi recently adapted her own Gaia Chronicles quartet of SF novels into a multimedia stage show, Astra, featuring cutting-edge puppetry, acting, music, and technical effects, and she discusses the mammoth effort this has entailed.

@The Judge corners us with another fascinating talk, this time about privacy. Her Honour also relates her winning entry from the July 75-word challenge, The Eternal Scapegoat, and (we think) Sally Rooney is having trouble with the accuracy – and the characters – of her latest, er, science fiction epic.

Next Month
In September’s episode we’ll be talking to fantasy author Juliet E. McKenna about Hope Mirrlees’s 1926 prototypical fantasy novel, Lud-In-The-Mist.

[0:00:00 – 55:30] Naomi Foyle Interview Part 1
[55:30 – 56:42] Voicemail 1
[56:43 – 1:12:33] The Judge’s Corner
[1:12:38 – 1:13:45] Voicemail 2
[1:13:45 – 1:14:53] Writing Challenge Winner
[1:14:54 – 1:15:35] Voicemail 3
[1:15:37 – 2:00:44] Naomi Foyle Interview Part 2
[2:00:45 – 2:02:49] Credits and Close

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