The Worshipful Company of Writers

After posting my previous blog on getting out of the house, one or two people mentioned to me that it’s not always that easy and that not everyone is as outgoing as, well, me, I suppose. It’s very easy to espouse a certain behaviour when it comes relatively easily to oneself. This difficulty of presenting oneselfContinue reading “The Worshipful Company of Writers”

Get Out Of The Bloody House

Over the last few weeks things have going very nicely over at Jones Towers, with a few little opportunities and meetings here and there happening that give me quite confidence that I’m slowly but surely moving in the right direction in my writing career. Baby steps, perhaps, but once aggregated they feel more significant. AndContinue reading “Get Out Of The Bloody House”

The Expendability of Electronica

I’m currently re-reading Bryan Wigmore’s wonderful debut The Goddess Project (my review of it is here), and a passage in Chapter 11 struck me with its lyrical, majestic prose. It’s a passage related by the main character Orc in the second person singular. Here’s a taste. “When your famished body had been eaten and shed as tears byContinue reading “The Expendability of Electronica”

YAWB: London Book Fair 2017 Debrief: Opportunity Is…

Yesterday I attended the London Book Fair for the second time (2016 being the first for me), and once again it was an illuminating and valuable experience. What’s more, it was a very different experience to the one I had last year. In April 2016 I hadn’t yet finished Man O’War, and hadn’t yet signedContinue reading “YAWB: London Book Fair 2017 Debrief: Opportunity Is…”

YAWB: You Can’t Judge A Bookshop By Its Cover

There is a current controversy surrounding whether or not Waterstones are being underhand or manipulative in opening new book stores in Southwold, Rye and Harpenden but withholding the Waterstones company name from the facade. The argument goes that apparently this impersonation of an independent bookshop is damaging the high street by killing off the real indie bookshops,Continue reading “YAWB: You Can’t Judge A Bookshop By Its Cover”

YAWB: My Journey to Journeys

One of my Journeys co-authors, Juliet E. McKenna, who wrote the story The Road To Hadrumal, has kindly hosted a guest post by yours truly over at her place, where I talk about some of the real-life back story to the creation of my own story, A Warm Heart. The collection is still available for a steal – just 99p at Amazon for anotherContinue reading “YAWB: My Journey to Journeys”

YAWB: Journeys Out Today!

Woodbridge Press’s first fantasy anthology, Journeys, is out today and, like a Panini sticker book, is the ridiculously low price of 99p for the first week before it reverts to its RRP of… whatever Woodbridge deigns it to be. My story, A Warm Heart, about a trainee assassin on his first proper assignment who is unwillinglyContinue reading “YAWB: Journeys Out Today!”

YAWB: Invitations To The In-Crowd

The other day I was watching an episode of Celebrity The Chase (I know, I know, but I’m a student of all levels of culture, dontchya know) when something unexpectedly annoyed me. One of the contestants was Fern Britton. Lovely Fern. Presenter of Ready, Steady, Cook, and This Morning. And, as it transpires, novelist. When quizzed by the hostContinue reading “YAWB: Invitations To The In-Crowd”

Book Review: The Goddess Project by Bryan Wigmore

The thought occurred to me the other day that Snowbooks acquired two new authors last year. Two, out of what was most likely hundreds or perhaps even thousands of submissions. And it tickles me unendingly that those two authors are me, and Bryan Wigmore. To give that a bit of context, Bryan and I areContinue reading “Book Review: The Goddess Project by Bryan Wigmore”