Book Review: The Goddess Project by Bryan Wigmore

The thought occurred to me the other day that Snowbooks acquired two new authors last year. Two, out of what was most likely hundreds or perhaps even thousands of submissions. And it tickles me unendingly that those two authors are me, and Bryan Wigmore. To give that a bit of context, Bryan and I areContinue reading “Book Review: The Goddess Project by Bryan Wigmore”

YAWB: Disappointment

The other day I was directed to Emma Green’s blog about the constant stream of disappointments that one experiences as an author. Writerly angst is always in vogue among us creative types, isn’t it? Green’s experience sounds quite painful, but also, dare I say it, rather naïve. That might make me seem rather heartless, and I do sympathiseContinue reading “YAWB: Disappointment”

YAWB: Canniballs!

To accompany some of my releases this year I’m releasing a second edition of “Eat Yourself, Clarice!” It seems to me that in the time of post-truths, fake news and the ironic juxtaposition of pushbacks against Government surveillance initiatives and the individual’s ever-increasing desperation for visibility against the cultural backdrop, that the content is more relevantContinue reading “YAWB: Canniballs!”

Book Review: Emergence by Nick M. Lloyd

Emergence is the debut novel by British SF novelist Nick M Lloyd. There are two main settings in which events take place: firstly Earth, through the central human characters of journalist with a grudge Louise, her physicist hubby Jeff Harding, their other physicist pal Mike, and Jack Bullage, a shady businessman, car-crash survivor and theContinue reading “Book Review: Emergence by Nick M. Lloyd”