The Gigantomachy Of Antonios Costas, Chapter 7

Last week, Medas paid a visit to Antonios in the night, and the sense of an otherness in the camp grew. This week, as day breaks in the darkness two terrible calamities visit themselves unto the party. The next day, the diggers set about excavating the great tunnel with a strange blend of alacrity andContinue reading “The Gigantomachy Of Antonios Costas, Chapter 7”

Long Read: The Abyssal Awakening of Mankind in Northern Lights and Paradise Lost

A couple of weeks ago I read Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights for the first time. There’s a reason for this, which shall become apparent soon, but for now, I’ll regurgitate the reason for missing it when it was first published. Just as I did for missing H.P Lovecraft the first time around, I dismissed itContinue reading “Long Read: The Abyssal Awakening of Mankind in Northern Lights and Paradise Lost”

The rich heritage of ghost stories

Over the summer I managed to visit the crumbling ruins of Lindisfarne Priory, which sits at the southern tip of the geographically modest but culturally significant Holy Island, a mile or so off the coast of Northumberland. This spit of marsh and rock can only be access via a tidal causeway – miscalculate your journeyContinue reading “The rich heritage of ghost stories”