It Takes A Village To Raise A Book

It’s been almost a week since Chris and I went official with our announcement of the Official SFF Chronicles Podcast (which reminds me; we will definitely be working on a snappier name for it…) and the response has been overwhelmingly positive so far. One of the initial reasons I had for wanting to do aContinue reading “It Takes A Village To Raise A Book”

Man O’War Bookstream Delayed

I got word this week that the Man O’War Bookstream, which was due to begin streaming on Monday, is going to be postponed by at least a week after (drum roll…..) Covid has struck one of the actors in the production. Bravo, Covid, now you’re striking against the people who are innovating ways to getContinue reading “Man O’War Bookstream Delayed”

Man O’War released on Monday 23rd November

I can’t really believe it’s happened so quickly, but Episode 1 of the Bookstreamz adaptation of Man O’War will be available to view on the Bookstreamz platform from Monday 23rd November. Elaine Sturgess and her colleagues Leslie, Paul and Wendy have done a brilliant job in getting the production ready to fly in such aContinue reading “Man O’War released on Monday 23rd November”

“Top Boy’s” Alessandro Babalola to star in Man O’War

Alessandro Babalola will play Adem Johnson, the Machiavellian heir to the Johnson Petroleum Corporation who has chosen to develop his career in the English civil service in my 22nd century world. Alessandro gave a star-making turn as the terrifying hitman Haze in Netflix’s brilliant drama Top Boy, and won an Olivier for his performance inContinue reading ““Top Boy’s” Alessandro Babalola to star in Man O’War”

Man O’War – Evolution Of A Cover Story

Trawling through my inbox the other day I found the draft covers that Snowbooks designed for Man O’War, before we settled on the final cover. The first one was interesting if a little sketchy, and I really liked the next two – they really captured the sense of the sea juxtaposed against something looming andContinue reading “Man O’War – Evolution Of A Cover Story”

Vote for Man O’War to be adapted for film!

Man O’War is still in the running in the 1st BooksOffice poll to select a novel for adaptation for TV or film, and the vote is still open! I’m up against some pretty heavyweight authors from pretty heavyweight publishing houses, so every vote counts. To vote, register as a reader at and select Project Alpha –Continue reading “Vote for Man O’War to be adapted for film!”

Knee Deep In Snow (books)

It’s been quite a week, and that’s before we even get to the festivity surrounding the launch of you-know-what. Despite the best efforts of the Beast From the East, I’ve slogged through the snow to host a three-day meeting for colleagues visiting from all across Europe for the space robotics project in which the UK Space AgencyContinue reading “Knee Deep In Snow (books)”

Man O’War Character Sketch #6: Tilda Boulton

Over the coming weeks in the run up to the launch of Man O’War, I’ll be posting a few lines on each of the main characters in the book, about who they are, what they do and their role in the book. They’re a varied and diverse bunch, in more ways than one, and IContinue reading “Man O’War Character Sketch #6: Tilda Boulton”