Building Empires In The Sky

March 28, 2018 And like that – [clicks fingers] – March was gone. Time flies when you’re busy, regardless of whether you’re having fun. But busy can be fun, too. It makes you feel like you’re heading in the right direction. Since I last updated these pages a few things have been going on. Man O’War has smashed through,Continue reading “Building Empires In The Sky”

The Hole In The Sky

I’m about fifty-five thousand words into (The) Hole In The Sky (I’m still undecided about the The), which means I’m probably going to finish it (yay!) and will hope to publish it some time after Man O’War, the publication of which has recently been delayed.  Hole In The Sky – let’s call it HITS, shall we? – concernsContinue reading “The Hole In The Sky”