YAWB: Invitations To The In-Crowd

The other day I was watching an episode of Celebrity The Chase (I know, I know, but I’m a student of all levels of culture, dontchya know) when something unexpectedly annoyed me. One of the contestants was Fern Britton. Lovely Fern. Presenter of Ready, Steady, Cook, and This Morning. And, as it transpires, novelist. When quizzed by the hostContinue reading “YAWB: Invitations To The In-Crowd”

YAWB: Disappointment

The other day I was directed to Emma Green’s blog about the constant stream of disappointments that one experiences as an author. Writerly angst is always in vogue among us creative types, isn’t it? Green’s experience sounds quite painful, but also, dare I say it, rather naïve. That might make me seem rather heartless, and I do sympathiseContinue reading “YAWB: Disappointment”

YAWB: Canniballs!

To accompany some of my releases this year I’m releasing a second edition of “Eat Yourself, Clarice!” It seems to me that in the time of post-truths, fake news and the ironic juxtaposition of pushbacks against Government surveillance initiatives and the individual’s ever-increasing desperation for visibility against the cultural backdrop, that the content is more relevantContinue reading “YAWB: Canniballs!”