Long Reads

Below are a selection of “long-reads” – essays and longer thought pieces on some of the books and texts that are of particular interest to me, and some of which Chris and I have covered on Chronscast.

The Parable of Nehushtan, the Bronze Snake
Another Brick In the Dead Wall: Pink Floyd and Bartleby
Drowned Books
Gott ist Tot, but Yog-Sothoth Lives! The Perfect Historical Oddity of HP Lovecraft
The Female (And Male) Myth in Beauty And The Beast
The Abyssal Awakening of Mankind in Northern Lights and Paradise Lost
Service With A Smile in Klara And The Sun
There’ll Always Be An England in Mythago Wood
You Better Watch Yourself
Utter Dismemberment in House of Leaves
This World Is On Fire – Mysticism, Rejuvenation and Peace in The Waste Land
Exodus Into the Light in The Left Hand Of Darkness

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