The Gigantomachy Of Antonios Costas, Chapter 8

Last week two terrible catastrophes befell the dig party. As the survivors survey the wreckage of the calamity, Antonios tries to find his friends among the rubble, and as he has a violent confrontation he comes to a terrible realisation of what links the history of the Giants to the tragedies afflicting them in theContinue reading “The Gigantomachy Of Antonios Costas, Chapter 8”

Culture War: It’s not Past vs Present, it’s rescuing your father!

The supposed “culture wars” get a lot of airtime these days. The most infuriating part of it is that, once again, everything (and I’m looking at you, Social Media) is engineered to force people into camps that are binary in their delineation, and must by definition be diametrically opposed. This reduces complex areas into zeroContinue reading “Culture War: It’s not Past vs Present, it’s rescuing your father!”